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Fierce MJ

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¡Feliz Cumpleaños!


Positive Thought Day 8

I just watched New Kids on the Block perform on Today for the first time in 15 years. They did all the classics including Joey McIntire singing Please Don't Go Girl complete with a hat missing it's top. The 90s little girl in me clapped and squeed like crazy!

My day has been made.

Positive Thought Day 7

Today one of my students was walking around outside at recess singing "Bless the Broken Road" only it sounded liker Elmer Fudd singing it "God bwessed the bwoken woad vat wed me swaight to wooooo"

Positive Thought Day 6

I finally got all my winter clothes switched out with my summer/warm weather clothing and my closet is now manageable! I actually "found" clothes that I forgot I had!

Positive Thought Day 5

Today one of my students told me that I wasn't allowed to leave next year because I'm his favorite and he would miss me so much. I love teaching for this very reason. Children are so generous with their compliments. They're also very truthful which can be annoying and hilarious at once.

Positive Thought Day 4

I finally found my favorite gummy bears at Meijer today. Turns out they're the Meijer Brand but all I remembered about them was that they had Garfield on the package. I ate them today coupled with some strawberry ice cream. One of my favorite treats ever.

Positive Thought Day 3

It's still the weekend.

Positive Thought Day 2

Today I got to meet Daniel Connor. He's a cutie pie!

The Power of Postive Thinking

drainbead posted on her journal about a friend of hers making a post with one positive comment about her day. I agree with her that it's a great idea!

Here is my positive thought for today:

They had chocolate chip cookies in the teacher's lounge today because it's Teacher Appreciation Week. They were seriously the most yummy cookies in the history of the world.

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